Wednesday, February 16, 2005

House cleaning

Went back this weekend and ran the service wire from the main breaker to the breaker box inside. That done, I re-connected the few circuts I had inside and we have electricity. The new trailer has built in shelves and bins. We spent all day sunday taking stuff from the bunker to the trailer. When we finished we had a clean living room and a bedroom. Now the cabinets and a litte more wiring and viola.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Trailer

new trailer

Made a quick trip (800 miles RT) to the panhandle to save 3K on a trailer. The trip went well and next weekend we will go out to the bunker and begin to remove supplies and tools and store them in the trailer. We are getting ready to make it a home.
I will finish the electrical while we are there and install the air handler for heat, I'll do the AC next summer if we need it. We have discovered that heat or cold really doesn't matter that much because of the concrete walls. What concerns me is moisture. The AC will handle that in the summer but what am I going to do in the winter. There are plans for a whole house vent but without heat exchangers I will lose a lot of heat with the moisture.