Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm back

Well, there has been very little to write about in past few months that wouldn't be like whining or too personal to share. I have all the new parts installed and working fine and the blood thing is not resolved but won't kill me any time soon.
The XO and I have made several trips but did no work until last week when I finished up a few things that have needed doing. I was able to get down on the floor to cut and fit the last of the carpet. I loaded up all the tools and stuff we won't be needing to bring back to put into a garage sale. Anyone need a chainsaw that will cut 13" into solid concrete? I also had to replace a board on the porch that had warped really bad. We will be spending more time out here in the future but we don't have to work as hard as we have in the past.
The moon was so bright Saturday the you could read a newspaper on the roof. There was still moon shadows at 7:00AM. Really neat. If I hadn't have been so bone tired I would have set up the telescope to see the moon better.

I have tried to stay out of current events and politics in this blog but one small statement: What the hell is going on? How come I'm in this hand-basket? I'm too old not to notice that things are changing and not for the better. At least the bunker is WAY OUT THERE and as Austin circles the drain West Texas will remain as it has been for the past 175 years.