Monday, August 30, 2010

Mitre Peak

As we left this morning Mitre Peak was shrouded in cloud. Pretty neat, huh?

Quick Trip to Knock Down the Weeds

Made a trip to the bunker this week end just to get away from the Austin heat. There has been so much rain this year that the mountains are still green and the yard is 3 feet deep in weeds that we have never seen before. 'In fact I found two patches of ground cherries growing wild. The XO and I mowed and chopped all but the cherries. Not enough for a pie but they may make a nice short cake and cream for lunch.
The people that bought Mr. Williams place up the mountain happened to be in town. Very nice couple, Mike and Barbara from Odessa. They have done a ton of work on the place already and it will be grand when finished (are we ever finished?). I'm sure that they will be happy when they move down. I need to see if some of Barbara's eye for design could rub off on the XO and me.
All in all a good trip and even with the work it was very relaxing. We took the long way home (1 mile further) and stopped in Llano for BBQ at Coopers.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Dang, we got through July here in Austin but already in August we've had two or three 100 degree days and every day has been 95 plus. The temp at the Bunker has been in the 80's and 60's at night. I think the XO and I will run out there for a few days. I need to do some measuring and marking for the next phase of construction. I need to move the trailers around and probe for the septic line. I have 24 trusses that are just sitting on one of trailers getting drier by the month (been sitting for three years). Been working on my body all this time and now that I have all the parts working it's time to do something. I still have one surgery to schedule but I'm holding off till fall besides this blood thing has yet to be resolved. It has been a rough couple of years and at times I was ready to throw in the towel. In fact we even discussed selling the place but figured it would have to go to a really "specific"(read: crazy)type of buyer. It is livable but I have grand ideas and most of the material on hand so finished it's not.