Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welome to the roadhouse

The birds had damaged the neon on the front porch so I repaired it and this trip hooked it up and lit it off. Looks great. Still freaks out the neighbors but they freak easily. Especially the one down the hill that has been hunting the mountain lion up here on the mountain for several years. The latest news is that she has been seen with kittens this year.

Hole in the roof

Ten years ago this place was just a structure in the Davis mountains. The original builder had safety high in his priorities so the only way in was a steel shaft from the roof through the floor and into a horizontal shaft that terminated 30 feet away on a cliff. Well my son and I cut the lower part of the shaft out years ago. I installed a sky light at the top of the shaft. Over the years we found that all that steel acted like a big radiator cooling the bunker in the winter and heating it in the summer...Wait, that's backwards.
SO, this trip I cut out the upper part of the shaft and filled it with insulation. The roof in the photo is temporary but you get the idea. The only other work this trip is to take 30 solar panels back to Austin and see if I can sell them through Craigs List. The grid tie inverter was fried in the spring fires and instead of buying a new one I figured I would get out of the business. Anyone want them, Cheap. I will deliver too (reasonable distance). Update....Craigs List came through again. Two days after posting I sold all of the panels, grid tie equipment and wind gen. Hope they have found a good home.