Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bionic man redux

One week out from surgery I had the stitches removed and the Dr. said I could begin PT, carefully, with the XO acting as coach. He was amazed that I was ready to go home the day after my new shoulder was installed. No sense staying though, I'm really good at pain control and I had a little football of nerve-block so off I went. He doesn't know about years of dentist visits with no pain meds. I have pretty good mobility because I have been working at it since the surgery. I can raise my arm forward from my side to 135 degrees, think heil Hitler, and pivot my elbow and wrist 100% of their pre- replacement motion. When my right shoulder went in the company I was working for required me to be off 12 weeks, I'll be 100% and swimming laps in 4 now that I'm retired.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Bionic man

Back to the hospital next week. Number two shoulder (left) replacement. This time I will be more aware of what's going to happen and will bounce back quicker. UPDATE: Went in yesterday and was home today (10/21/09). Doctor was impressed with my lack of pain and my mobility so he sent me home early. Still have a couple of months of PT but I'll be back to 100%.
We have been in Annapolis, MD for the past few days on grandchildren watch. My son was in Egypt so the XO and I tried to help with the girls and had a really good time, they're 6&11 years old, we have to enjoy them while we can. The girls in Houston are older and almost out on their own, in fact one is away at college and the other is a junior in HS. I have tried to get the junior to look at Sul Ross in Alpine but nothing doing.