Saturday, September 08, 2007

Time for Some Photoshop

The gate posts and beam will be done in the same color as the bunker. The gates get painted next trip and I will probably remove the front door and paint it too just to keep the colors the same. Time for the crane, seen on the right side of the picture, to move to the rear of the bunker to get ready to build a carport or something. That will open up the parking area in front of the gates and keep things looking trim.

West Texas views

A friend sent me this link with some really neat web cam shots of Fort Davis and Guadalupe peak. There are a lot of shots of El Paso but I'm sure you'll like them all. They are updated 4 times and hour and run 24 hrs a day which makes for some night shots of El Paso which are spectacular.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Return to the Bunker

Well, it took a while but we returned to the Bunker this weekend. I was concerned that I couldn't do much so I lowered my expectations to just finishing the gates. As you can see it turned out really nice. Each of those slabs weighed 150 plus and I was able to wrestle them around in spite of the knee. I only had trouble when I dropped something or was working close to the ground for some reason.
I may not be 100% yet but close enough to continue where we left off. I have decided to hold off on building the addition for a while, at least until I am able to spend more time at the bunker. We are still not finished with the courtyard and that West wall so we have a year or so to make up our minds. In the meantime I can make the drive without stopping every hour to stretch that leg and that means a trip every four weeks or so and things will move along at a good clip. More later.