Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Gates

Time and the weather did bad things to the original gates. The glue dried out, the stiles split and some of the screws fell out. They looked good but just didn't work.
To combat the sagging problem I made the frames out of 2" steel tube and covered them with sheet metal. With my handy-dandy plasma cutter I free handed a design on them. It could be better but Rustic is what I was going for. Not bad If I do say so myself.
The XO and I loaded them up here in Austin and took advantage of the weather and spent two days installing them. We need to start
spending more time on the mountain.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Break

Had to make a pre-Spring Break run to the valley just to find some warm weather. That five foot gator above shows how South Texas differs from West Texas in a big way.
The XO and I spent the day driving down the coast to Corpus Christi. Corpus is one of the little known jewels of Texas. Blue water, white boats and palm trees. What's not to like. Port Isabel is similar but has none of the charm. The second day drive to Port Isabel was enjoyable and warm (92 degrees) and interestingly total miles from Austin was almost the same as running out to the bunker.
409 to the coast and 437 to the bunker.
The picture of the bunker above was taken from the highway with my new camera. That shot is about a three quarters of a mile.