Sunday, November 08, 2009

Update 11/12/09 Coming up on week four. I see the saw bones (literally) on Monday and I can start serious training if everything is in place. The XO and I have arranged to put a new roof on the house Monday so we may not make the trip next week.
Week Three:
Haven't blogged because I have been taking it easy. The XO has been working my arm three to five times a day and I am really coming along. My motion is better at three weeks with this routine than it was at six with the right shoulder. One more week before I'll see the Doctor and we can see the x-rays. If the little tab he placed has held its position holding the large muscle from my back in place on the arm bone I'll be good to go. We can begin some weight training and some stretching and the arm will be as good as new in a week or so.
We plan on coming out to the bunker after the doctor visit to spend some time (I had to promise no work). I might try to go down to Terlingua and look up John Wells at the Field Lab. His place is really looking good. I think it's because he works a lot harder than I do.