Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Imagine an arched beam across the top of the gate. The doors will fit high and tite to this beam to give me about seven inches of clearance above the ground so four inches of compacted sand and two inches of paver can run under and three feet out front to make an apron in front of the gate. The pavers will cover the courtyard and make a realy nice patio.

Planning time

While I was grounded with the knee I had lots of free time. I had a stack of foamboard too, so as you can see I tried my best to model the bunker. I know it looks amateurish but that's the best I could do with a ruler and a razor blade. The picture is from a high front angle and shows the wall at the rear of the courtyard and the gates in the front. Not so noticeable is the low fence which runs along the right side of the courtyard. All in all it is a fine representation and I'll be glad if the real thing turns out as well.... In the mean time I am regrouping and planning my next few trips. The gates will go up on the next trip, if I can work with this leg, as you can see it takes four exterior doors and makes a heavy pair of bifolds. I have two six by six posts which will bolt to the wall on each side of the opening and provide a plumb frame to hang the doors. If I find that they try to sag I can use a barn door track and wheels to keep them in line. Once they are up I'll stucco both sides and the arch over the doors. It'll look great.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Back

While I am not 100% yet I am getting around like a three legged dog. My pain threshold is high. Living with three females and working for two more will do that to you. It still hurts though. I go in for PT three times a week and will for a while and the girls there make sure I suffer too.
This knee thing started back at Christmas when Barb and I were on our way to Mexico for a short vacation. Didn't make it through the airport in Houston and had to come back home to eventually get the darn thing replaced. I owe her a nice trip but I have trouble traveling so we will stick to Texas. A few days in Kerrville and I am going to visit the bunker but I'll just walk around and take stock of the things that need to be done. We will make the trip a little slower, probably two days each way.
Chapman Building Systems, in Kerrville will supply the SIP panels which will make the West wall of the courtyard and, if I finish the project, the addition. I will meet with them Thursday to discuss the project and to make sure I'm on the right track.
Back to work next week on a light basis but I need to give John a break because he has been covering for me all this time. Thanks John.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

UPDATE, UPDATE: 4/2/07......Nothing to report for the last three weeks, I am just trying to do all the exercises and get my feet back under me. Yesterday I did my day walks (1/4 mile around the block) three times. I felt so good that when Barb got home I took her for a walk only this time we did the full neighborhood (1.1 mile) so I made my goal plus a little-bit. I'm not 100% yet but I'm coming along.