Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Aww Duck

Mom and the kids stopped traffic on the highway and access road. They walked as if they owned the six lanes. Maybe they do. No one seemed to mind and a few of us jumped out to take pictures.
The XO and I had to spend some time at the coast and this is just one of the adventures we got involved in. The other was the XO trying a Texas Martini at the Lighthouse Inn. We decided  to eat at the bar at our hotel (mostly because they were allowing $40.00 bucks off the bill) and the bartender was a friendly sort. The martini was 3parts tequila-2parts orange liquor-sweet and sour mix. Deadly. We each had one and were having a nice chat with others at the bar. When we ordered dinner we decided to have another-wrong move for the XO-by the time the steaks came she was having trouble holding a conversation and didn't realize we had moved from the bar to a table in the dining room.  Needless to say we turned in early and she slept with one foot on the floor.