Monday, May 07, 2012

Fire on the Mountain

I saw the news last week about another fire in the Fort Davis area. It had started Southwest of town and the wind was variable so there was no telling where it will end up. The XO and I ran out to spend a few days an make sure everything was safe from the fire. Well there was no cause for alarm and the trip turned into a nice low pressure vacation.
We did a few things that needed to be done and ran down to the "Field Lab". Check out the blog that he keeps.  He has worked very hard for about four years and it shows. We had lunch at the Grub Shack and that's an experience you can't pass up whenever your within 200 miles of Study Butte, Texas. We had a BLT that rivals anything you can find in the big city and then we went over to the Field Lab.  John Wells is a great guy. Here is an interview I found of his thoughts about the way we live.