Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Texas and Employment

I have wondered for the past couple of years why the Texas unemployment rate has hovered around the national average while Texas has created more jobs than any other state. The guys at WILLisms have explained it. It seems like a LOT of people are voting with their feet and coming to a state that has jobs, Texas. A few have jobs before they move but most come and register with the TWC while waiting to be hired. They are counted as unemployed for that short time before they start working. Thus the count goes up and the rate stays high. Some of these people were off the lists in the states they left because they had given up and some bring wives and friends with them and this keeps the rate higer than it should be. The Texanomics blog shows that the actual rate should be 5.5% or even a little less. The only problem I can see is that all those people from the blue states are bringing those old lefty attitudes with them and you can tell when they say things like "back home we..." or "they should pass a law to...". Welcome to Texas but try to become a Texan it's so much better.