Monday, October 15, 2012

Quick trip to the bunker

Made a quick trip. Just because. While the XO and I were there I finished the wiring on the wall lights. The pictures don't do them justice even though they do look good. They give a soft bounce/light to the courtyard and I carried the light circuit up to the deck and around to the back wall. Next time I'll finish (parts, parts, parts) the project and add a 50amp sub-panel for future needs.

Meanwhile back on home base I hired a real electrician to add a new service drop to the old panel for the house. The weather head that was originally on the service was very close to burning and the main disconnect was burned and weak. While I was at it I had him install a buried plate style ground system and a surge protector for the whole house. Before we headed for the bunker the city came by to inspect the job. FAIL! I can't believe it but the inspector was one of those guys who are so insecure they have to find something to gripe. I'm paying after all so I expect the job to be finished and passed. I should have done it my self.

G'maw was feeling pretty good so we thought  we  would  chance a trip to the bunker. We called her Friday morning and she had a story about the lights being on all over the house (just blaring) and the electrician being at the house at midnight making noises. Same story Saturday so we finished up and came on home. Might as well come on home, the Longhorns were losing badly.