Monday, February 26, 2007

Update on the Hawk

Since I didn't get the new knee on the 23rd I was able to check out the Cushman. All I found were rotten gas lines, a bad fuel pump and dry brakes. Replaced everything and it started and ran like a top. Still don't have any brakes (the horn works) but that should be an easy fix when I'm able to get around on my new knee. Even if I have to replace the whole system I will come in well under the 500.00 I was hoping for. The knee should be on the 12th of March so I am still limping around on crutches and a cane.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Curses, foiled again!

Went to the hospital this morning for the new knee and at the last minute the Dr. postponed it. I had the usual "springtime in Austin" problem with allergies. It turns out that ANY infection in the system could migrate to the new knee and hide there. The complications would be detrimental to the new joint and how it is accepted by my body. Who knew. Anyhow they started me on an aggressive antibiotic and sent me home for a week or 10 days when we will try again.
My friend John, who was going to cover for me for the next six weeks, is off the hook for now and I will have to go back to the office and un-hug all the girls that hugged me for luck. I really want it over with because the pain is bad and hobbling around on crutches is a real drag.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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This is the next addition to the bunker. A local landscape company had this really neat Cushman Hawk setting next to a shed waiting for parts. Three years, no one remembers anything. The boss said get rid of it so there you are on the spot. What would you do? Right, drag it home and take a chance that it will run. It will have to wait till I get my new knee and break it in but this I know.
The 16hp BS twin is free and seems to have plenty of compression. The alternator is gone but the brackets are there and the starter is on the motor. The brakes are nonexistant but it is a cable/hydurolic system and there is lots of slack and little fluid, maybe just an adjustment and top off. Seats are sunburned and need to be replaced. I'm betting that less than $500.00 puts in in running order. It will be nice to have around the place if only for hauling rocks. The bed is the right height to work from and it will make a mobile workbench too.

Sunday, February 18, 2007


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I have been looking for a new car to make the trip to the bunker and I think I've found one. BS says there is not enough chrome for her taste so I guess I'll stick to the truck.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Back to the Bunker

Since I will be tied down with this new knee for a while I thought I would run out to the bunker this weekend just to make sure it is still there. I wanted to go the 23rd because the cowboy poetry gathering will be down the road at Alpine that weekend but that's the day the new joint gets placed. Drat!
I'm not too surefooted right now so I won't get much done, unless that skunk is still under the front porch. He was there last trip but waddled off before I could get the gun. This time he may meet hot lead. I hope he's gone.
Dr. says I'll be able to do most things that I can do now, just don't fall down and stay away from ladders. I'll remember that when I do the roof of the addition and what about the spiral stairs aren't they a sort of ladder. Oh well take it one step at a time and I will have a lot of time.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


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Back to the keyboard

Posting has been light (non-existant) for the past few months. Problems on the home front involving the "C" word and an unrelated knee replacement. The knee is still to be done but it's going to to happen.
The knee blew while running across the Houston airport to catch a flight to Guadalahara on Christmass day. We turned around and went home and I've been on crutches ever since. Tomorrow I will see the bone doc and schedule the replacement. I tried to avoid the new knee but I just can't get rid of the pain so it has to be.
The other problem has been in the works since September when a major jump in the precursor caused a mild panic and really messed up my fall. After seeing several Dr.'s and many more tests we scheduled the surgery for the 15th of January. I opted for a high-dose radiation procedure and it involved the inplanting of 16 Very long hollow needles into which a cable with a radioactive tip would be inserted and left for varing lenghts of time. This was to happen four times over two days. No one took the weather into account though and with the ice storm hittng that day we had to do two treatments on the 15th and re-implant the following Monday with two more tratments. It will be a few months before we know if it took but the Dr. is positive and so am I. I'll be 100% before you know it and get back to work on the bunker.