Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Report

PT is progressing but I had more swelling than last time so there is more pain. Most of the swelling has gone down by today (Sat) and the pain is mostly discomfort. I told the therapist on his first visit that I wanted to be walking around the block by Saturday and he suggested that we do it right away. Did and have done ever since. The distance is 1/4 mile but looks longer from behind a cane.
The holiday kind of messed up the schedule but I've been working on my own and everything is starting to fall into place. The one Bad thing is wearing these support-hose. Now I know why women are so mean. I look like an elf in white tights.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looks like he owns the place

One of the neighbors down the mountain says he sees a cougar up at my place in the late evenings. Mostly the eyes glowing (the cougar that is) but I've not seen any tracks or a den. There may be a bobcat that comes around once in a while or it could be a large feral tabby. Either way when the sun goes down they tend to grow larger. I'm a U of H Cougar myself, class of '68, and I seem to remember growing a lot when I prowled at night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Deed is Did

Monday, about 10:00AM, an army of medical personnel rolled me into the operating room. We had a difficult time with the spinal block but the second anesthetist was successful. Two hours later I'm in the recovery room and wide awake. Matter of fact I was just in "twilight" sleep during the entire procedure. Couldn't see anything though, they had me draped with rags and towels and the drugs were good so I didn't care what happened.
I'm home today, Wednesday, and the physical therapy begins tomorrow.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Time for the "last" surgery

Well, fall is here and I can hardly walk so it must be time for the left knee joint to be replaced. I was scheduled for the replacement in April but the blood problem got in the way. I have been on oxygen all year and have to be bled every week or so and that has kept me from letting the knee surgeon take the skill/saw to my bones. No kidding, after they break the knee joint they cut the top off the femur and the tibia and replace the knee with the metal and plastic joint. Sounds bloody and nasty but I'll be in dreamland and it won't bother me a bit. I know what to expect now and I'm looking forward to it. The pain is gone when I wake up and the only thing that hurts is the muscles and tenons that had to be moved to do the job. It takes some work to keep the joint flexible but I know that if I don't it will cause me a lot of grief later. I have almost as much flex on the right side as a man my age should have and much more than most joint replacement patients. I have worked out and ridden a bicycle many a mile to make sure it don't stiffen up. So Monday is the day and I plan to be home on Wednesday and walking around to block by Saturday. I'll blog us an update next week.