Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sand Sand Sand

Don't look like much but this is six yards of sand laid over a compacted base of small gravel. Lots of work and plenty of raking but it will pay off.....Next trip.

“Republicans believe every day is 4th of July, but Democrats believe every day is April 15″

Home again

Coming up the hi-way from Alpine the mountains look extra green denoting lots of rain this summer. The temperature was around 100 at this point and by the time the XO and I get to the bunker it should be 92 max with a good breeze. (It was).

The project for this trip is to get the patio ready to lay the pavers. I have 6 yds of coarse sand coming up Friday afternoon and a Bobcat plus compactor set for morning. Ha, it worked out just that way and by dark the XO had to be moved by brute force into the bunker and I was so shot I couldn't even have the usual steak and red wine. We were in bed before 20:00 and just for the sleep. Morning came with the aching muscles and 4 or 5 hours left to finish so we got busy and Viola we finished early and called the rental outfit to come get the tools. Early afternoon nap and the steak in the evening. nice weekend.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pulled the plug

The XO checked it to them yesterday. The firm had a little going away party and then ---out the door. After 50 years she may have some trouble being out of harness. She has the rest of this month planned and written into her planner. I am 11:00 lunch and 2:40 doctors appointment. It may take a few more months to relax.

The Dr. said I was nearly back to 100% and we can start planning on the other shoulder. I think Oct. will be soon enough. Meanwhile we can get back to work on the patio. All I have to do is tamp the sub-base down and add sand for the tiles to bed in. Once the tiles are down we can begin to enjoy it.

I'm going to talk to the guy that has taken my place for the past two months and see if he needs me to show him how to do all the things he has been doing. Gee what for. Anyhow I was planning to retire the end of July so maybe I'll go a little early. That way we can slow down together (if we don't kill each other first).