Monday, April 23, 2012

Going Coastal

There are times when the salt air and wind just feel good. The XO and I slipped away for the week end to one of our favorite destinations. Rockport. We have a small,  upscale expensive hotel. The place is great and seems like something out of the teens or at least the thirties. When they say free breakfast they don't mean toast and cereal they mean breakfast. And they have a full bar and steak house. It was built about '03 though so it just appears old. I'd tell you the name but you know how it is:  "no one goes there any more, it's too crowded".  There are hundreds of boats in the marinas and I want every one of them. It's funny, every one is for sale and if the owner is nearby you can really make his day by acting interested. For the past two or three years we have been watching one get outfitted and overhauled. Today they mounted the new props and floated it. It was too tall to be handled by the gantry there in the yard so the had to haul it down to the ramp and tow it back to the boat yard. It is 45 or 50 feet long and almost that tall. From the waterline the flying bridge is about 30 feet and there is an other platform 10 feet above that. The name on the fantail was "Semper Fi", probably owned by an army retiree.