Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Home on Our Range

The wildlife is slowly coming back and we thought we could help by providing a birdhouse
for a pair of wrens. No trees left on the bunker property so I put the BH on the address marker. We shall see.

November 12/2011

Ran out to the bunker to finish up some things before winter comes. Monday night I set up the 90 inch TV to watch what turned out to be the worst football game of the year. Too bad that the first string Vikings didn't show up. I wish I could make that kind of money to lose almost every game I played. The 90 incher is set against a 144 inch wall so you can tell how big it is. Really pulls you into the game. By the way that's
not the game but a Dean Martin/Frank Sinatra movie from the dark ages.
Barb and I put the backing on the roof tile that we installed last trip and set about cleaning up a ton of broken glass from the glass block the didn't make it through the fire. The place looks much better. She also ran a magnet all over the parking area and picked up about five pounds of nails, screws and assorted scrap. The roof tile that was broken I broke into smaller pieces and filled some low spots in the drive way. Turned into an easy trip and we're back home getting ready for Thanksgiving.