Friday, September 13, 2013

Just sitting here tonight wishing I could be at the bunker enjoying the cool rain rather than being here in Austin with the air conditioning on max. TV is an alternate reality exercise between MSNBC/FNC & CNN. So far Fox is winning because I'm watching a DVR'd show called RED EYE. What a riot. If you can get a twelve year old to set the recording device please do. Topical discussions in a totally irreverent manner. It comes on about 3AM (hence Red Eye) and they have the fox trade mark "legs chair" and a panel of strange people that made the mistake of being in the hall before taping time. Don't take my word for it tape it for yourself.

Syria, Syria, Syria. I think this must be a "shiny thing," to keep our minds off of the real problems we're having  in this country. I am still waiting for answers about Benghazi and how one u-tube could have caused so much trouble. Could it have been about Syria and the CIA. Way beyond me.  What's worse is the IRS looking over my shoulder with the power to stomp me into dust if I say anything about...What do you mean they will be in charge of my health care. They will start a file on me...Oh.oh..The NSA already has a file on me from when I...Oh No. I almost spilled the beans. Dang Nab It. What can a guy say. I'm already on a watch list for believing in the Constitution and a possible terrorist for having a .22 caliber rifle. What, the ATF wants to talk to me. Oh, oh I spilled the beans again.++++

lBrace yourself for Pivot to Job Creation Number 20  Ever feel like you're rolling the rock of "your fair share" up hill while the 49% that contribute zip  sit by the side of the road sipping their free bubble-up and  eating their "Rainbow stew" (thank you Merle Haggard). Well I feel like that guy. For 65 years I have played by the rules, got up every day and went to work-paid my taxes and generally kept my head down. I woke up one morning and found that my own government had called me a terrorist. I supported the TEA party (Taxed Enough Already) ca-ching, I bear watching. I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, ca-ching, put me on the IRS's list. I call outside my own area code, ca-ching, NSA has a recording of the call in UT.

What if I get tired of pushing that rock? Can I count on my representative government to come to my aid. I don't think so.

What if we all got tired of pushing the rock and just stepped aside and let it roll back down the hill. Who would stop it?