Thursday, May 24, 2007


This is a shot of the sign while the sun was still high. Looks pretty neat though. The glass blocks on the gate wall show well too. All in all it was a pretty good trip. I can hardly wait to have enough strength in my legs to get back to work. Most of the remaining work involves concrete or SIP panels so I'll need all my faculties.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Texas Roadhouse

Went out to the bunker this weekend and couldn't do much so I hooked up the neon to see how it looked at night. Wow, I bet the neighbors wondered what was going on. It showed up down on the highway, about a mile away, and I was waiting for a tourist to come up looking for a cool one. I did a few other, easy, things like hooking up a few more electrical sockets in the kitchen and installing another TV set in the living room (a 900 ft/sq cabin with three TVs and one is a 96" projection set up just for football games). I did have some trouble with my knee because of the uneven ground and the 6 hours of travel each way but I'm getting better each week. My next visit to the "saw bones" (in this case a true statement) is the fifth of June and I expect he will release me and I can go on with my life with just a twinge now and then. I'm ready.

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