Sunday, September 20, 2009

Run for the Bunker

Got to finish that patio. I have that few blocks to place and I want to test my new high speed internet system. update: 9/23, works like a charm. I have everything set up and I'm bloging from the bunker now. The XO and I made the trip Tuesday because it was raining here in Austin and we couldn't get anything done here. We put down the rest of the patio blocks and declared the courtyard done. I spent the rest of the day getting the 20' trailer ready to haul back to the home front. New lights and pump up the tires (They go flat) and it's good to go.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Home on Our Range

Down the hill from the bunker there is another home in the most inhospitable place. Don't know what kind of bird it is, maybe someone will tell us. They have moved along now that the kids are grown but they'll be back.

Tiles Down

I have replaced the photos from the last trip below because it looks better to show a completed job. The XO and I ran out of tile last trip and had to come back to Austin to replenish. I counted 90 for the finish and guess what. Ran short again. By the time we cut the edges and replaced a few that cracked when I ran the tamper over them we were 12 short. The real problem was that we changed the plan. There was to be a rock garden in one corner (3X4) so 12 tiles. Oh, well, next trip.
Now that the big stuff is done for a while the XO and I can just enjoy the next trip.
I have tentatively scheduled the replacement of the other shoulder for late October or early November. That means 5 or 6 weeks of down time. I could use some front porch time. We will probably also spend some time looking up some of the folks that inhabit this part of Texas. People in these parts are the most self reliant and talented you will ever find. Desert-rats that take each day as a challenge and end each day with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Finished Courtyard

Monday, September 07, 2009

The August trip in September

Lots of stuff going on so we didn't make our August trip to the bunker till this week. We had to get out of the heat so we headed for Sturgis SD. We also went through Iowa to visit my brother. I call him my retarded brother because he lives in Iowa. I have tried to get him to come to Texas but he won't even come to visit. He says that Texans are all braggarts but I remind him that Iowans don't have anything to brag about. Especially football.
For the past four years I have had two pallets of patio blocks gathering dust out back. Last trip I spread sand in the patio area and this week we laid them. My knees still hurt. The XO would gather them in a wagon and bring them to me on the sand and I would put them down. I thought that each pallet was 250 blocks which would have been just right but it turns out that they were 200. I'm short (well...short happens) so next trip we have to carry a hundred and lay them. It really looks great though and when finished it will be nice.