Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Made  a quick trip to the bunker over the weekend because the ROT (Republic of Texas) MC rally was going on in Austin and it's a good time to get out of town. If  the local TV heads can be believed there were 50,000+ bikes and 100,000 supporters and hangerson in town. The gay pride bunch was also in town so it's time to leave. Yea I suspect there is some overlap but don't ask don't get your a$$ smashed is in effect.
I did a bit of lighting finish on the porch and installed some eyebrow lights down the courtyard wall. Pictures above. I only have one hooked up for the pictures but there will be three and another will be put on the roof where the stair landing is. It is designed to give a soft, reflected light to the courtyard. Judging from last night it is a success.
On the way back the XO and I stopped in Llano to let me try out my new teeth. Four ribs, three slices of white bread and two bowls of beans passed the test. The best BBQ in Texas  is still Cooper's and they were not as busy as the had been over the weekend and treated us like royalty. Oh, by the way it was 105 degrees in Llano.

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Still here but not there

Doctors, Dentists, and Barbers have ganged up on me so I have let another month get by without a trip to the bunker. The Barber is the worst. I have to be bled every few weeks because I make way too many red blood cells and even though that seems to be a good thing it tends to clog me up. It also affects every organ in my body. I can't just go down to the blood bank and make a donation because my blood is considered diseased. The other doctors have their boats to pay for and kids in college so I have to see them to keep the payments up to date. I now have more crowns in my mouth than real teeth. The dentist is pretty cool though. For the past 20+ years he has worked on me without pain meds and his soft touch has worked fine. It tends to freak the girls out but I have been doing it since the 80's when I was taught how by a dentist in California and it has some carry over in all that I do. I have had both knees and both shoulders replaced with minimum pain meds and none, post op.  Not that there is no pain it's just that I can compartmentalize the pain and keep on functioning.  Now that the gas price has gone down a little it's time to make a trip. I'll let you know.