Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter update

Went to the bunker this week end and observed our own Easter services. Barbara fell out the door of the parts trailer. She said it didn't hurt "that bad". I wasn't there to see it, good thing too, I was drilling the holes in the slab for the water heater. She staggered into the bunker cussing , and spitting, covered with dirt and weeds looking like a 50's movie swamp monster. I could tell that I had to tread lightly. The only thing really hurt was her pride and she got over that pretty quick. The good news is that the water heater works great and even without the solar panels it heats very fast and should be super efficient.
All of the electrical is done and works like it should. We even have a porch light to welcome us home after an evening out. Next trip will be a whole week and should just about button everything up. If the wind cooperates the paint will go on outside, the cabinets will be anchored and the counter top will be formed (trying concrete) and the inside paint will start. Getting close.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Finished Project

Finished Prodject

Well not really. I have had some help from photoshop but this is how it will look when I AM finished. We call the addition the taco bell tower. It will be a big room with 6 foot windows on three sides and the kitchen across the other side. I will form a large patio in front of the bunker and have spiral stairs to the roof for a sun deck. For now we will settle for having the bunker finished and liveable.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Back in country

Ojinaga turned out to be an interesting trip. No chairs or tables but we did have the steak. The town of Presidio is very small and not very prosperous. From the hiway you could see a pawl of dust rising over both towns. Ojinaga was twice as large and, it too, was not very properous. As border towns go it was about average.
I was over the border before I knew it and with a truck full of tools I was not very comfortable. I wasn't too woried about theft and such but how I would explain all of the stuff coming back to the US. Needn't have worried, I could have been your usual terrorist and not have raised an eybrow.
Nice diversion though and the trip was worth it. Stopped at the Hotel Piassno in Marfa for that margarita on the way back. Got back to the bunker about sundown and had a relaxing evening.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Trip to Ojinaga

Things are staring to come together. Some additional electrical this weekend and the water heater will go in. If we have enough time Sat we plan to drive down to a little border town called Ojinaga across the Rio Grande from Presidio, Texas. We want to furnish the bunker in rough, primitive Spanish style.You have seen all the trucks headed North with furniture to sell at roadside stands with "that" look. Anyhow we shall see and in the meantime have a big margarita and a steak. If we find the stuff we're looking for we will go back another time with a trailer and bring a load back.