Monday, November 20, 2006

Back in town

California was nice but I am glad to be back. We arrived at LAX about 9:00AM and picked up a new Pacifica for the jaunt out to Venice beach for brunch. Spent about three hours just people watching. We just bummed around the rest of day, even visiting a Trader Joes out in Reseda. By five we were heading for Hollywood and the restaurant linked below. Due to the time difference and having to try to catch a 5:00AM flight we turned in the rental car and turned in early. We had a little trouble getting out of LAX (got bumped 4 times) because everyone was traveling for thanksgiving. I did have a back up reservation on Southwest so I was GOING to make it home. Back before sundown.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

No News is ......

Been trying to make it to the bunker all month. There are many reasons we haven't made it, not the least is there is just too much to do this month. This weekend I plan to take Barbara out to California, to her favorite resturant in West Hollywood, for our aniversary. We will fly out early Sat morning and spend the day on the coast hiway; Venice,Santa Monica, Malibu, etc. Then back into WH for the Gardens of Taxco
It is the best Mexico City style cusine in the US. They have an unusual drink that they call a margarita but it is made with sweet vermouth and fruit juices that makes your toes curl up like a baby on the breast. Yumm.. Then a good nights sleep and back to Austin Sunday morning.