Sunday, August 04, 2013


Trying to kill all the birds with just a few stones. The XO's birthday is the 7th so I loaded her into "her" new car and made a road-trip. Spent  the first night at the bunker because with all the rain we wanted to see if there had been any damage. The top half of the road was washed really bad and the driveway had a cut across it a foot deep. Both are fixable when the dry season comes and the weeds die.
Day2: bunker to Santa Fe via Roswell (I thought we might see some of her relatives but just a green alien or two). The Genesis is a joy on the road. Hard to keep the speed down, more on that later, and it's spooky quiet. We stayed at a fancy Hotel ( the one where Gardunos moved) and it was worth every cent. They kicked us out Saturday because we had only reserved one night so we had breakfast at a neat place called Tecolote (wise owl) and wandered around the plaza looking at stuff at a street fair. 
Day 3: We headed for Albuquerque the back way. Down the mountain through Madrid where every bike rider in NM loves to go on Saturday. Didn't count them but there must have been at least 200 Harleys alone.  Had to tie a knot in her seat-belt to keep the XO from showing off her tats. Made ABQ early and roamed the shops for a while before trying a new place called the Church Street Cafe.
Wonderful place on Church street, duh.
Day 4: Tried to waste time so we could arrive at out favorite steak-house in Fabens (East of El Paso) after noon. We tried to catch the balloons at the balloon park. Got there as the crews were packing up, who knew they took off at sun up. Oh well, headed for El Paso and made it there right on time. Shared a steak with all the trimmings and split for the bunker. Made really good time once we got on I 10 (80mph speed limit) and it felt so good the Sheriff had a talk with me just West of the Bunker where the speed limit is 55. Whoops,,,,
Day 5: Just a routine 6 1/2 hour trip back to Austin.

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