Monday, June 10, 2013

Going, Going, not gone.

No posting for the past couple of months because the bunker was being looked at by a prospective buyer. I had mouthed off in a line at a BBQ during the cowboy poetry gathering about maybe selling it and Dang, someone said, "How much?" Well there I am, on the spot again. I know that my plans for finishing the bunker will never be realized and it's getting harder to make the trip. The odds of finding a buyer are pretty slim so I gave him a price that was low enough for the XO to spin around and say, "What???"
Long story short we agreed to meet the guy and his wife at the bunker in a few weeks. They liked it and could see its potential. We didn't make a deal on the spot but he kept the deal open and we left it there. Weeks later they called asked to see it again as they were traveling to Arizona so I told them where the keys were and waited for them to call back. One week, Two, no call and it occurs to me that I should drive out and see if everything was still there. It was. So we are back where we started and no-harm no-foul.
While we were in the neighborhood we ran down to Study Butte to see an old friend that has a neat mostly off grid place. John Wells is a new pioneer from New York and like a lot of us loves the desert. Spend some time on his blog for a look at how life can be out here. His latest avocation is silversmith. We bought a couple of his bars to help him buy feed for "the boys". Be sure to go back in his blog at least a couple of years to read the story of Benita and Ben.


czardastx said...

John Wells is a good man and good friend. I think I found your blog through his site. He sure has it figured out so far and I'm glad he's making it work.

Sorry to hear about your thoughts on the bunker. I've enjoyed following the potential of your dreams coming to fruition.

Keep us, your faithful follower, in the loop. We feel we are on this journey with you because of your blog.

Anonymous said...

How Much?