Sunday, June 30, 2013

Notes from Me

Well I've done it. Ditched the Buick and went over to the dark side, that's right I bought a rice burner. Well really a thousand year egg burner. A Genisis, a Lexus look alike on the inside and a Mercedes under the skin with the Full Monty electronic package just to make it tick. The Buick was faithful for over ten years (I don't buy often) and 150K+ worth of + comfortable travel. Tires and brakes were the only maintenance outside of a plastic water joint which was problematic on Buicks for years. So I figured to upgrade and stay in the Luxury cars. The major upgrade item was the interactive Cruise control system. Dynomite, set it and forget it. I was running up I35 from San Antonio to Austin and had the CC set to 77MPH and as traffic slowed in front of me my CC applied brakes to keep me 138 feet behind the car in front. This was done over and over again as we passed an accident in the ditch. It controlled my speed down to a complete stop and back up to 77 without me having to touch the brake or the gas at all. Really spooky, but I like it. The only problem is the 138 feet is more than enough room for someone to swerve into my lane and slam on their brakes at which time my computer would slam on my brakes to keep the spacing. Neat anyway.

The grand kids are coming down next week for a few days and as usual I'm at a loss of how to keep them entertained. It doesn't help that the weather is a string of 100+ days and a trip to the bunker is out of the question. We may go down to Galveston for the cool and to see what they've done for the Pleasure Pier. It was destroyed in one of our hurricanes and rebuilt and reopened so we shall see. On the way down we will go by NASA to see what they have done for their displays. The GKs have been to the Smithsonian and the sights around DC so this may be wimpy but they have been raised well and should not complain. (too much)

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